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clickbait-y (comparative more clickbait-y, superlative most clickbait-y)

  1. Alternative form of clickbaity
    • 2013, Raillan Brooks, "White Women Get Stopped and Frisked, Too, Writes Fear-Mongering Journalist", Village Voice, 8 July 2013:
      The Daily Caller, rightwing blog and trusty purveyor of all things clickbait-y, aggressively aggregated a story over the weekend that a woman has sued the city over being stopped and frisked in Brooklyn last year.
    • 2013, Steve Hind, "In defence of clickbait", The Guardian, 4 November 2013:
      Even if they can't execute it as well as Buzzfeed, it's also fine to run some clickbait-y content to subsidise the more important but less popular reporting they[sic] good media outlets should produce.
    • 2013, Adam Richter, "Just because it's viral doesn't mean it's true", Reading Eagle, 12 December 2013:
      A tantalizing, clickbait-y headline gets slapped atop the tweet, video or blog. ("You won't believe the five life lessons in this shocking video!")
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:clickbait-y.