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Alternative forms[edit]


clickbait +‎ -y


clickbaity (comparative more clickbaity, superlative most clickbaity)

  1. (informal, pejorative) Of, related to, or characteristic of clickbait.
    • 2011, Maura Johnston, "Lady Gaga's 'Judas' Video: The Last Temptation Of Something-Or-Other", Village Voice, 5 May 2011:
      [] all I can wonder is, "How would the 'Like A Prayer' video have been received in the age of Twitter and SEO-happy music blogs trying to capitalize on the clickbaity ways of its plotline and the artist behind it?"
    • 2014, David Griner, "Can You Spot the BS Headlines in This Clickbait Quiz? CentUp mocks the idiocy of today's hottest content", Adweek, 8 January 2014:
      "Clickbaity headlines are taking over the Web. Today, publishers make more money from quantity than quality. They're incentivized to manipulate lots of people into clicking on a headline instead of getting engaged readers," CentUp stated.
    • 2014, Felix Salmon, "Viral math", Columbia Journalism Review, 3 February 2014:
      To put it another way: at the moment, Facebook assumes that people click on exactly the material that they want to click on, and that if it serves up a lot of clickbaity curiosity-gap headlines, then it’s giving its users what they want.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:clickbaity.