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clop +‎ -er



clopper (plural cloppers)

  1. (My Little Pony fandom slang) One who engages in clopping.
    • 2013, Thomas Raethel, "The Mysterious World of Bronies", Critic (University of Otago), Issue 22, 9 September 2013, page 33:
      Considering that a significant percentage of bronies are closeted, and taking into account the stigma attached to such practices, it is fair to assume that the real "clopper" population is likely far larger.
    • 2013, Katrina Gardner, "Big Boys, Little Ponies", The Express (Las Positas College), Volume 24, Number 19, 5 April 2013, page 4:
      One clopper recently gained quite a bit of notoriety on the Internet by revealing just how far his obsession with the show had gone.
    • 2015, Chuck Shepard, "News Of The Weird", Santa Monica Daily Press, Volume 14, Issue 266, 18 September 2015, page 13:
      Alexander Carlsson, 25, was jailed in Sanford, Florida, in August on federal child pornography charges, but also told agents that he is a "clopper," which identifies him, he said, as one who masturbates while gazing at figurines and pictures depicting Hasbro's My Little Pony toys.