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Alternative forms[edit]


club +‎ foot


clubfoot (plural clubfeet)

  1. (medicine) A congenital deformity of the foot in which the ankle, heel and toes are twisted.
    • 1870, Wilkie Collins, chapter 2, in Man and Wife:
      At his lower extremities, he exhibited the deformity which is popularly known as "a club-foot." But he carried his lameness, as he carried his years, gayly.
    • 1915, William Somerset Maugham, chapter 12, in Of Human Bondage:
      He stood still as much as he could, with his club-foot behind the other, so that it should not attract notice.
    • 2011 November 1, Barry Meier, “Finding Inspiration in a Doctor’s Legacy”, in New York Times[1], retrieved 17 May 2014:
      The cure developed by Dr. Ponseti in the 1950s relies on physical manipulation. In each step of the treatment, a child’s clubfoot is stretched and turned slightly outward, and a hip-to-foot plaster cast, like the ones shown in the photograph, is then applied.