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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *knēiz (knowing, able), from Proto-Indo-European *ǵneh₃- (to know). Akin to Old English cnāwan (to know).



cnǣwe, cnāwe

  1. knowing, cognizant
  2. conscious, aware


Weak Strong
case singular plural case singular plural
m n f m n f m n f
nominative cnǣwa cnǣwe cnǣwe cnǣwan nom. cnǣwe cnǣwe cnǣwu cnǣwe cnǣwu, -e cnǣwa, -e
accusative cnǣwan cnǣwe cnǣwan acc. cnǣwne cnǣwe cnǣwe cnǣwe cnǣwu, -e cnǣwa, -e
genitive cnǣwan cnǣwra, cnǣwena gen. cnǣwes cnǣwes cnǣwre cnǣwra
dative cnǣwan cnǣwum dat. cnǣwum cnǣwum cnǣwre cnǣwum
instrumental cnǣwe

Related terms[edit]