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co-ordinate (third-person singular simple present co-ordinates, present participle co-ordinating, simple past and past participle co-ordinated)

  1. Alternative spelling of coordinate
    • 2022 December 14, Ben Jones, “Switzerland: a template for Northern Powerhouse Rail?”, in RAIL, number 972, page 29:
      To assist in this mind-bogglingly complex endeavour, Switzerland has developed sophisticated software tools that allow infrastructure managers (IMs), operators and local/national authorities to co-ordinate civil engineering projects with planned service enhancements, demand forecasts, pathing requirements, nationwide timetables, and asset utilisation up to 15 years ahead.


co-ordinate (plural co-ordinates)

  1. Alternative spelling of coordinate


co-ordinate (comparative more co-ordinate, superlative most co-ordinate)

  1. Alternative spelling of coordinate