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co- +‎ sister


co-sister ‎(plural co-sisters)

  1. colleague ("sister" in the same craft, occupation, or society)
    • 1900, Arthur Francis Leach, Report on the manuscripts of the corporation of Beverley, page 91:
      At the death of the co-sisters of the Guild, every co-brother of the Guild to be present
  2. (India) One's husband's brother's wife.
    • 1989, Abusaleh Shariff, Fertility transition in rural South India, page 263:
      During this time I came to know about tubectomy from my co-sister and also from the female health worker. This time both my husband and father-in-law refused [me the surgery] on the ground that I was the eldest daughter-in-law and a responsible person for the whole family.



Coordinate terms[edit]