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From Old Portuguese coberto, from Latin coopertus, perfect passive participle of cooperiō (I cover wholly).



coberto m (feminine singular coberta, masculine plural cobertos, feminine plural cobertas, comparable)

  1. covered (overlaid with something)
    Um campo coberto por geada.A field covered by frost.
    1. covered by blankets
      No inverno é necessário dormir coberto.One must sleep covered by blankets during winter.
      Antonym: descoberto
    2. (of an area) having a roof above
      Uma garagem coberta.A roofed garage.
      Antonym: descoberto
    3. having many things on top
      Chão coberto de poeira.Floor covered with dust.
      Pasto coberto de vacas.Pasture covered with cows.
      Synonym: cheio, repleto
  2. (of food) iced (covered with icing)
  3. (of a debt) paid
    Synonyms: liquidado, pago, quitado
  4. (of a cheque) not bounced; not dishonoured; whose account has sufficient funds
    Antonym: sem fundo
  5. insured (covered by an insurance policy)
    Synonyms: assegurado, protegido, segurado
    Antonym: desassegurado
  6. (of a farm animal) pregnant
    Synonym: prenhe

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coberto (feminine singular coberta, masculine plural cobertos, feminine plural cobertas)

  1. masculine singular past participle of cobrir