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Growing head of B. oleracea Botrytis Group at Hooghly near Bandel in West Bengal, India
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From Middle English coolwort, coulwort, cole-wort, caule worte, equivalent to cole +‎ wort.


colewort (usually uncountable, plural coleworts)

  1. A plant of the genus Brassica; now specifically, a Brassica plant without a head used for food, such as kale.
    • 1665, Robert Hooke, Micrographia:
      [W]e may observe that water will more readily wet some woods then others; and that water, let fall upon a Feather, the whiter side of a Colwort, and some other leaves, or upon almost any dusty, unctuous, or resinous superficies, will not at all adhere to them, but easily tumble off from them, like a solid Bowl […].


  • (headless Brassica): cole

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