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Alternative forms[edit]


colorise +‎ -ation


colorisation (uncountable)

  1. The process of converting to color.
    • 1995, Frank Harding, Milk Quality [1]
      When milk is kept at a high temperature for a long period of time chemical reactions take place and the resultant reaction products give rise to brown colorisation of milk and a caramel-like flavour.
    • 1998, Catherine Westbrook and Carolyn Kaut, MRI in Practice [2]
      Despite these design and safety implications, the potential of interventional MR in the future is astouding and includes:
      • liver imaging and tumour ablation with colorisation imaging capabilities, [...]
    • 2001, Patrick Robertson, Film Facts [3]
      The special prints with their computer-applied colour were released by MGM on 4 July 1985. ‘Colorisation,’ as it is known, has become a controversial issue in the industry.



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colorisation f (plural colorisations)

  1. colorization

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