comfortable in one's own skin

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comfortable in one's own skin

  1. (idiomatic) Relaxed and confident in one's manner of presenting oneself and interacting with others; conveying the impression that one has a clear, satisfying understanding of one's own abilities and situation.
    • 1992 September 7, J. F. O. McAlliser, “Comfortable In His Own Ample Skin: Lawrence Eagleburger”, in Time:
      Says his wife Marlene: "He presents the same face to people in Washington that he does to our sons' friends. He's just comfortable in his own skin."
    • 1996, Kay Hooper, Amanda[1], →ISBN, page 60:
      She had been completely natural from the first with him, utterly comfortable in her own skin.
    • 2005, Bill Clinton, My Life[2], →ISBN, page 439:
      Perot was witty and comfortable in his own skin, which I thought would reassure his supporters and perhaps sway some of the undecided voters.