coming-out party

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coming-out party ‎(plural coming-out parties)

  1. A celebratory social gathering, with music, dancing, and refreshments, at which a young debutante is formally introduced to society.
    • 1876, Louisa May Alcott, Rose in Bloom, ch. 2:
      "Now tell me, when do you mean to have your coming-out party? I ask because I've nothing ready and want plenty of time, for I suppose it will be the event of the season."
    • 1914, Kathleen Norris, Saturday's Child, ch. 3:
      "Julie left Miss Bence's School at seventeen, had a coming-out party in our city house the following winter."
    • 1920, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Further Chronicles of Avonlea, ch. 4:
      "I'll give her a real coming-out party when she's eighteen and the very prettiest dress that's to be had."