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complementary +‎ -ity.


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complementarity (countable and uncountable, plural complementarities)

  1. The state or characteristic of being complementary.
    • 1987 April 2, Kenneth N. Gilpin, "2 Forecasting Firms to Merge," New York Times (retrieved 1 April 2014):
      "Synergy is one of the most overused words in the English language, but there is a tremendous complementarity to these organizations."
  2. (linguistics, philosophy, semantics) A semantic relationship between two words wherein negative use of one entails the affirmative of the other with no gradability; the relation of binary antonyms.
    • 2005, Andrew John Merrison, Aileen Bloomer, Patrick Griffiths and Christopher J. Hall, Introducing Language in Use, London: Routledge, →ISBN, page 112:
      For complementarity, there are entailments both from affirmative sentences to the corresponding negative sentences (which is what ordinary antonymy allows) and from negative sentences to the corresponding affirmative sentences. [...] That light is on entails That light is not off. That light is not on entails That light is off.