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composite +‎ -ry


compositry (plural compositries)

  1. (illustration) The use, especially in law enforcement, of ready-made images of portions of an object to compose a picture of the entire object, such as the face of a person described by eyewitnesses.
    • 1988, F. J. Domingo, "Forensic Art: Concepts and Approaches in Composite Interviewing," Journal of Forensic Identification, vol. 38, no. 6, p. 259, annotation:
      This article examines issues in composite drawing and examines different methods for conducting witness interviews necessary to compositry.
    • 2001, Karen T. Taylor, Forensic Art and Illustration, CRC Press, →ISBN, p. 206:
      In recent decades, other attempts have been made at three-dimensional compositry, most notably by Fernado Poncé of the Los Angeles Police Department.
    • 2007, Lois Gibson, Forensic Art Essentials: A Manual for Law Enforcement Artists[1], →ISBN, page 41:
      The single most common proportional mistake in both compositry and fine art portraits is making the nose too long in relation to the face drawn.

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