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Alternative forms[edit]


From costume +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix).


/ˈkɒzi/, /kŏzi/
Rhymes: -ɒzi


cossie (plural cossies)

  1. (Britain) A swimming costume.
    • 2007, Elizabeth Slater, Sky[1], page 121:
      “Let's not bother with cossies Jack. Let′s pretend it′s years ago.”
      She remembered the times they had swum at Eleni beach totally naked, the moon and stars lighting the little waves as they rolled slowly to shore.
    • 2009, Brenda Sensicle-Creese, Sensicle, But Not Always[2], page 3:
      I struck off boldly, but soon found myself unaccountably labouring. The reason became abundantly clear when I stood up, clad only in two three-foot-long shoulder straps, with two stone of waterlogged cossie round my ankles.
    • 2009, Madeleine St. John, The Women in Black[3], page 72:
      She would just change now very quickly and then run down to Lingerie and—no, she thought, I won′t; I′ll go to the cossies first, because I don′t want anyone to see me carrying that parcel from Lingerie (which used a different patterned wrapping paper, printed with a lace and ribbom design) because they might guess what′s in it, or they might ask. So I′ll just go to the cossies first.