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From counter- +‎ mine.


countermine (plural countermines)

  1. A mine used by defenders to intercept an enemy mine or tunnel.
    • 1990, Peter Hopkirk, The Great Game, Folio Society 2010, p. 436:
      Normally the threat would have been dealt with by means of a counter-mine, but the tunnel was now far too close for that.
  2. An underground gallery excavated to intercept and destroy the mining of an enemy.
  3. A stratagem or plot by which another stratagem or project is defeated.
    • Sir Philip Sidney
      Thinking himself contemned, knowing no countermine against contempt but terror.


countermine (third-person singular simple present countermines, present participle countermining, simple past and past participle countermined)

  1. To plot opposition; to frustrate the initiatives of another.
  2. (transitive, intransitive) to sap hostile mining.