cowboy shot

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From the framing of cinema shots in Westerns, where the holster and gun needed to be in view along with the actor's face.


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cowboy shot (plural cowboy shots)

  1. (film) A shot framed to include a region from the actor's head to mid-thigh.
    • 2002, Blain Brown, Cinematography, page 12:
      In Europe, the term plán americain or plano americano refers to a shot framed from mid-leg up, basically a cowboy shot. Beyond this we are into the realm of close-ups.
    • 2009, Jerry Holway, Laurie Hayball, The Steadicam Operator's Handbook, page 148
      One drawback to following an actor on stairs is that you are looking at the actor's back (and worse, emphasizing his or her behind if you are climbing the stairs in a cowboy shot).