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crank +‎ shaft


crankshaft (plural crankshafts)

  1. A rotating shaft that drives (or is driven by) a crank.

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crankshaft (third-person singular simple present crankshafts, present participle crankshafting, simple past and past participle crankshafted)

  1. (of a straight bolt or rod) To deform in such a manner that part of the rod or bolt is displaced sideways, offset from the longitudinal axis of the part, but remains parallel with the part's main longitudinal axis, with the final shape somewhat resembling a crankshaft.
    • 2010 February 9, Air Accidents Investigation Branch, “ Landing gear examination”, in Report on the accident to Boeing 777-236ER, G-YMMM, at London Heathrow Airport on 17 January 2008[1], archived from the original on 16 June 2022, page 44:
      The attachment of the inboard end of the gear beam was damaged but remained intact; the drag strut fuse pin had 'crankshafted' in a direction indicating that a load had been applied in tension but this had also remained intact.