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From French créneler (to form the shape of a crenel, crenellate) + English -ate (suffix forming verbs meaning ‘to act in the specified manner’). Créneler is derived from Old French crenel (crenel, embrasure) (modern French créneau) (from Latin *crēnella, diminutive of crēna (incision; notch); compare Old French cren (a notch)) + -er (suffix forming infinitives of first conjugation verbs).[1] The English word is analysable as crenel +‎ -ate.



crenellate (third-person singular simple present crenellates, present participle crenellating, simple past and past participle crenellated)

  1. To furnish with crenelles.
  2. To indent; to notch.

Alternative forms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]


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