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From crush +‎ -er.



crusher (plural crushers)

  1. Someone or something that crushes.
  2. A machine designed to crush rocks.
  3. (slang) A policeman.
    • 1851, Mayhew, Henry, “The Literature of Costermongers”, in London Labour and the London Poor[1], volume 1, page 25:
      Anything about the police sets them a talking at once. [] 'The blessed crushers are everywhere,' shouted one. 'I wish I'd been there to have had a shy at the eslops,' said another. And then a man sung out: 'O, don't I like the Bobbys?'
    • 1977, Le Carré, John, The Honourable Schoolboy, Folio Society, published 2010, page 110:
      Back in the lobby he bought a copy of Time but didn't like the way the plain-clothes crushers looked at him, and left.

Derived terms[edit]