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cum +‎ load


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cumload (plural cumloads)

  1. (slang, vulgar) An amount of semen, especially the amount produced by a man in one ejaculation.
    • 1977, Frank Danton, The Fist Club [Hardboy series; HS506], New York, N.Y.: Star Distributors, OCLC 54684422, page 26:
      Burt's cock couldn't wait to fuck. His balls were loaded with stud power, and he knew he had to shoot off. He had to blast his cumload into Hank's butt.
    • 2014, Curtis Kingsmith, Brutewood Long-term Confinement: Maximum Security, [s.l.]: Eroticatorium, →ISBN, pages 297:
      [] then made Grander suck his santorum-laden cock and swallow his cumload.
    • 2015 June, Jeff Erno, Speedy Rewards, Tighes Hill, NSW: Wayward Ink Publishing, →ISBN, page [145]:
      Phil took the entirety of Humberto's cock into this mouth and sucked with fervor. He felt the pulse against his tongue as the cum-load first fired into the shaft. Humberto bucked on the mattress, thrusting his pelvis upward as his moan became an animalistic growl.
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