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cum +‎ -sicle


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cumsicle (plural cumsicles)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Semen frozen for consumption as food or lube.
    • 2004 May 24, Cassandra, “Teasing and Denial with Cassandra...I'll take you to the edge and keep you there”, in[1] (Usenet):
      Should I decide if and when you should cum, You will ejaculate into an ice cube tray to be frozen for your "cumsicle treats" for future calls.
    • 2007 June, “Jizz Pops”, in Vice[2], volume 5, number 6, page 36:
      Our intern Harlan here jerked off into an ice tray for a week to make 12 cumsicles, so he knows the answer to that.
    • 2010 May/June, “The Sword: Gay. Sex. Life.”, in JustUsBoys[3], volume 6, number 3, page 34:
      Because these days I'm masturbating to frozen cumsicles, felching fanatics and fisting fuckers.
    • 2011 June 16, Siobhan M. Ramos, quoting DogiojoeXZ, “Know Your Role.”: Categorising Insults and Harassment Received by Female Gamers on Xbox Live[4] (master's thesis), Cork, Ireland: National University of Ireland, published 2014, retrieved 14 February 2022, page 108:
      I want to jerk you off into a popsicle mould, I wanna freeze that cumsicle and I’m gonna deep throat it. [makes gagging sounds]

      And then after I’m done deep throating that cumsicle, I’m gonna reach down and I’ma drop my cumbombs in your ass trench World War 2 style.