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curvative (not comparable)

  1. Having slightly curved margins or sides.
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curvative (plural curvatives)

  1. (differential geometry) The first partial derivative of a function that describes a surface.
    • 1977, IEEE Council on Oceanic Engineering, ‎Oceanic Engineering Society (U.S.), Oceans:
      Examination of waves larger than 60 metres will depend on the accuracy with which the spatial derivatives (tilts, curvatives, etc.) of the surface can be obtained.
    • 1981, 25th IEEE Machine Tools Conference, 1981:
      This equation is descriptive of a Cornu spiral, a spiral whose curvative increases linearly with arclength.
    • 2010, Daniel M. Zuckerman, Statistical Physics of Biomolecules, →ISBN, page 288:
      Assume first that this region is exactly linear, with no curvative (i.e., ∂2ρ/∂x2 = 0).
  2. (anatomy) One of the curved walls of the stomach.
    • 1890, Louis Philippe McCarty, Health, Happiness and Longevity, →ISBN:
      According to Dr. Leuf, when water is taken into the full or partly full stomach, it does not mingle with the food, as we are taught, but passes along quickly between the food and lesser curvative toward the pylorus, through which it passes into the intestines.
    • 1924, American journal of psychiatry - Volume 80, page 687:
      Hyperperistalsis (gastric), with an increase of the number (three or more ) and depth of the waves on both curvatives, is seen typically in obstructing lesions of the duodenum.
    • 2013, Horst D. Becker, ‎Christian Herfarth, & ‎Werner Lierse, Surgery of the Stomach: Indications, Methods, Complications, →ISBN, page 285:
      If local findings, the absence of peritonitis, and the clinical picture permit it, cases of this type can be managed by a radical curvative or palliative resection.
  3. A convexity or concavity in a surface.
    • 1925, Municipal Journal and Public Works - Volume 56, page 511:
      The five brooms have independent adjustments to conform, to curvatives in the road.
    • 1964, Gezienus Doesschate, Perspective: fundamentals, controversials, history, page 49:
      An artist who perceives curvatives will also get the same impression when looking at the perspective.
    • 2013, Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka & S. Matsuba, Immersing in the Concrete, →ISBN, page 140:
      In a gravity field, the existence of mass-energy determines each element of the space-time curvative, transforms it, and bends space.
    • 2016, Alonzo Delano, Life on the Plains and among the Diggings, →ISBN:
      I cannot agree with them, for from this a slight ascent brings the traveler to the terminus of the plain, over which you pass a slight convexity, and begin to descend towards a second curvative of an equal height.
  4. A curved deformation.
    • 1895, The Journal of Electro-therapeutics - Volume 13, page 126:
      If the curvative is due to the unequal pull of the muscles supporting the spine, then the indication is to strengthen the weaker muscles until they are fully able to antagonize those of the opposite side.
    • 1905, Australasian Coachbuilder and Wheelwright:
      Within these limits the maximum sale deflection of a beam of uniform curve may be taken as double that of a similar beam in which the curvative under stress, is a parabola.
    • 2007, Chi-thinking: Chiasmus and Cognition, →ISBN, page 304:
      Henri Bergson declares that “vice has often the appearance of the curvative of the soul” and evil displays a “moral kink” or “crooked twist” of perverted will or diseased appetite (69).