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From cyber- +‎ -ian, perhaps punningly from Siberian.


cyberian (comparative more cyberian, superlative most cyberian)

  1. Pertaining to cyberspace.
    • 1996, Peter Dickens, Reconstructing nature
      This is because subjects in the new cyberian culture are other than the rational, autonomous individual.
    • 1997, Mark Dery, Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century
      Rushkoff thrills to cyberian video art in which Gulf War bombing runs are merely another special effect...
    • 1998, Rob Kitchin, Cyberspace: The World in the Wires
      In areas where one might expect liberal attitudes, such as education, cyberian academics are largely regarded as maverick and to some extent subversive...


cyberian (plural cyberians)

  1. A user of the Internet or virtual reality.
    • 1998, Victor J Vitanza, CyberReader
      These are the substances that stock the arsenal of the drug-using cyberian.