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From Japanese 抱き枕 (dakimakura).


dakimakura (plural dakimakura or dakimakuras)

  1. A body-length pillow originating in Japan, which can be embraced or wrapped around one's body while sleeping.
    • 2003 December 9, Ryan Ginstrom, “Re: Enterprising interviewee...”, in fj.life.in-japan, Usenet[1]:
      I would follow that up with: "And then they raided his room at his parents' house where they found a Sailor Moon dakimakura and posters of Morning Musume plastering the walls" ...
    • 2004, Chris Kohler, "Getting in Bed With the Customer", Wired, 6 February 2004:
      These character-print dakimakura came into existence in the late '90s as a way for animé fans to get up close and personal with their cartoon sweethearts.
    • 2010, "Man Weds Cushion", Daily Star (UK), 12 March 2010:
      Jin has fallen head over heels for a Japanese 'dakimakura' - or hugging pillow - showing a life sized cartoon of his favourite sexy anime cartoon character Fate Testarossa.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:dakimakura.





  1. Rōmaji transcription of だきまくら