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Etymology 1[edit]

Borrowed from Hindi [Term?].


dandi (plural dandis)

  1. (India) A boatman; an oarsman.
    • 1974, Indian Factories & Labour Reports, volume 28, India Supreme Court, page 6:
      In the course of unloading of the goods from a steamer, a dandi working on the boat enganged himself in the rope which was thrown from the steamer for the purposes of tying the boat and suffered injury.

Etymology 2[edit]


dandi (plural dandis)

  1. (India) A type of palanquin.
    • 1863, Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia:
      In cases of short temporary illness a dandi may occasionally be very useful. Any strong pole, with a cloth sufficiently large, elliptically folded, and solidly attached to it in a longitudinal form, may at once be converted into a dandi.
    • 1912, Arthur Clinton Boggess, First Days in India, page 124:
      A dandi is a kind of chair and foot-rest, so mounted on a framework of wood and iron rods that it can be carried by one man when it is empty, and by four men at a time when it has a passenger.
    • 2015, Attia Hosain, Distant Traveller: New and Selected Fiction:
      A rickshaw would move off, a dandi would swing by, and the rest would once again wait for the cry, “Dandi!”, “Dandi!”. Deoli and his companions were left to wait each time in the race and the rush.





  1. nominative masculine plural of dandus
  2. genitive masculine singular of dandus
  3. genitive neuter singular of dandus
  4. vocative masculine plural of dandus



dandi m (plural dandis)

  1. Alternative form of dandy