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day +‎ part


daypart (plural dayparts)

  1. (television, radio) A part of the day in which a type of radio or television program apropos for that time period is aired.
    Prime time is the daypart with the most viewers.



daypart (third-person singular simple present dayparts, present participle dayparting, simple past and past participle dayparted)

  1. (television, radio, transitive) To divide the broadcasting day of (a station) into periods airing different types of material.
    • 1998 March 14, Christman, Ed, “Trans World Earnings Set Record in '97”, in Billboard[1], volume 110, number 11, page 111:
      Much like TV and radio, programming on the Station will be dayparted. Mornings will contain more music news, afternoons will have a heavy promotional focus on Streamland's and SonicNet's Addicted to Noise Web sites, and nights will focus on live entertainment.
    • 2005 June 2, Florence Henderson Had A Mullet [username], “Re: Billboard top 100 of 1983”, in, Usenet[2]:
      A lot of Top 40 stations were heavily dayparted, so softer stuff only got played in the daytime, or harder stuff only got played at night.
  2. (television, radio, transitive) To assign (material) to such a period.
    • 1994 June 25, Stark, Phyllis, “Community Involvement Sends WCKX To Top”, in Billboard[3], volume 106, number 26, page 106:
      Like most R&B stations, rap is dayparted after 6 p.m. but shunned between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight, when the station runs its quiet storm show.
    • 1995 January 4, Jim Grey, “Terre Haute Radio News 1-1-95”, in, Usenet[4]:
      WMGI's new format, of which I heard a mere 20 minutes last night around 8, seemed to be brighter and much more uptempo. I imagine they've got the youngest stuff (i.e., the rap) dayparted into evenings only, and are being much less adventurous mornings.