de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum

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Alternative forms[edit]


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  • (Classical) IPA(key): /deː ˈɡus.ti.bus et koˈloː.ri.bus noːn ˌest dis.puˈtan.dum/, [— dis.puˈtan.dũ]


gustibus et colōribus nōn est disputandum

  1. “Of tastes and colours there is nothing to be disputed.”; “There’s no accounting for taste.
    • 1830, Charles Rogier (1800-1885) d'après des documents inédits, Volume 1 - Ernest Charles Joseph Discailles
      ...extraordinaire le courage qu il a eu de lire cinq fois Ducis — De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum
    • 1880, Der französische Wortton - T. Merkel
      Every one must judge for himself, when it is a matter of taste or appreciation: de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum; the same may be said of accent.
    • 1882, Monthly notes of the Library Association of the United Kingdom
      De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum — certainly not with a lady. We shall be glad to know, however, if the opinion of our fair and candid correspondent is generally shared. - Ed.