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From French de jour.



de jour (not comparable)

  1. (usually postpositive) Contemporary or most recent; en vogue; trendy.
    • 2005, G. John Ikenberry, American Foreign Policy: Theoretical Essays, Pearson/Longman (2005), →ISBN, page 431:
      Foreign-policy chiefs deal most often with the hottest issue de jour, though they can get the attention of the president and other members of the government for other issues which they judge important.
    • 2007, Julie Albrecht Royce, Traveling Michigan's Sunset Coast, Dog Ear Publishing (2007), →ISBN, page 420:
      They existed at a time in history when shock therapy, brain tissue manipulation, implants, drug experimentation and lobotomies were treatments de jour.
    • 2009, Ora C. McWilliams, "Not Just Another Racist Honkey: A History of Racial Representation in Captain America and Related Publications", in Captain America and the Struggle of the Superhero: Critical Essays (ed. Robert G. Weiner), McFarland & Company (2009), →ISBN, page 68:
      When reading The Young Allies, it seems that Whitewash's purpose, besides representing the black community, is to get captured by the villain de jour and be saved by Bucky and the other Allies.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:de jour.




de jour

  1. during the day, by day


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