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Blend of deep learning +‎ fake. Early 21st c.


deepfake (plural deepfakes)

  1. (technology) A photo or video, created using artificial intelligence, that imposes the face of one person onto the body of someone else, in a realistic and convincing manner.
    Did you see that leaked sex tape with the actress? It turned out to be a deepfake, but it looked so realistic!
    • 2019, Richard Joseph Behun, Eric Owens, Youth and Internet Pornography: The impact and influence on adolescent development, Routledge (→ISBN)
      For example, images of the actress Scarlett Johansson have been used to create a number of deepfake pornographic videos, one of which had been viewed over 1.5 million times on a popular SEIM site by the end of 2018 (Harwell, 2018).
    • 2020 January 7, David McCabe; Davey Alba, “Facebook Says It Will Ban ‘Deepfakes’”, in New York Times[1]:
      By banning deepfakes before the technology becomes widespread, Facebook is trying to calm lawmakers, academics and political campaigns who remain frustrated by how the company handles political posts and videos about politics and politicians.


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Borrowed from English deepfake.


deepfake m (invariable)

  1. (neologism, technology) deepfake