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de- +‎ funk +‎ -ify


defunkify (third-person singular simple present defunkifies, present participle defunkifying, simple past and past participle defunkified)

  1. (slang, humorous) To mask or remove the odor from; to deodorize.
    • 2003 July 17, TexasFireGuy [username], “Re: stinky fridge”, in, Usenet[1]:
      I don't know of it works on defunkifying fridges, but I've used it to prevent nasty odors in ice chests.
    • 2006, "Add Class To Your Cave", Men's Health, March 2006, page 36:
      And though we're not implying anything, scented candles and fragrance sticks can defunkify a flat and add alluring aroma to your efforts to cherchez l'amour.
    • 2010, Layla Jordan, The Liar's Club, Dafina Books (2010), ISBN 9780758247049, unnumbered page:
      As the hour grows late, I know that I'm going to have to get him out of here so I can clean and defunkify this bedroom.
  2. (slang) To take out of a funk; to enliven; to cheer up.
    • 2001 December 9, Destiny in the Dark [username], “Re: Trying to get defunky”, in, Usenet[2]:
      But that only depresses me more! I need to defunkify myself in that manner too.
    • 2004, Rochell J. Isaac, Black Girls Who Eat Sushi: Life Stories, iUniverse (2004), ISBN 0595318223, page 23:
      I am not trying to spit funky shit to my sisters even when they trying to defunkify my emotions by acting like we ain't all in de bottom of de black boat together.
    • 2004, Lauren Myracle, ttyl, Abrams (2014), ISBN 9781419711428, page 1:
      i just know that the end of the summer always throws u into a funk, so i wanted to do something to defunkify u.