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Perhaps via some other European language, ultiatemly from French démocrate, formed by opposition to aristocrate, with Ancient Greek elements, δῆμος ‎(dêmos, common people) + κράτος ‎(krátos, rule, strength).


demokrāts m (1st declension, feminine form: demokrāte)

  1. (male) democrat (a supporter or advocate of democracy)
    Didro, 18. gadsimta franču filozofs, humānists un demokrāts — Diderot, an 18th-century French philosopher, humanist, and democrat
  2. (male) democrat (a member of a democratic party, e.g., in the United States)
    senātā demokrātiem tagad ir 67 un republikāņiem 33 vietas — in the Senate, the democrats now have 67 seats and the Republicans 33


Related terms[edit]