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de- +‎ ramp


deramp (third-person singular simple present deramps, present participle deramping, simple past and past participle deramped)

  1. (transitive) To remove (goods or containers) from a railroad flatcar using special equipment.
  2. To use a deramp process in order to clean up an electronic signal.
    a phase deramping function


deramp (plural deramps)

  1. A process for cleaning up electronic signals such as radar, in which a received signal is mixed with a reference signal in order to highlight differences in frequencies.
    • 2001, Philippe Lacomme, Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems: An Introduction, →ISBN, page 223:
      In the deramp process, the principle of continuous radar with a linearly frequency-modulated wave is applied to a pulsed radar.
    • 2003, Ronald G. Driggers, Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering, →ISBN:
      Deramp processing entails mixing (i.e., multiplying) the return signal with two sinusoidal carriers of frequency fc and then low-pass-filtering the two resulting signals.
    • 2012, Robin A. Vaughan, Microwave Remote Sensing for Oceanographic and Marine Weather-Forecast Models, →ISBN, page 54:
      The trick with full deramp processing is to mix the echo with a replica of the transmitted chirp signal rather than with a fixed frequency tone (figure 4).