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desk organizer (plural desk organizers)

  1. A typical desk organizer.
    A box or open tray, typically kept on the surface of a desk, divided into compartments for such office supplies as pens, pencils, paperclips, etc. They are meant to help keep your items in a small compact space.
    • 1988 February 4, Suzanne Slesin, “Currents: An International Set of Desk Accessories”, in New York Times, retrieved 18 April 2015:
      The company's desk accessories, which include clocks, letter holders and a desk organizer, were designed by Alan Fletcher and Kenneth Grange in London, Takenobu Igarashi in Tokyo and Massimo Vignelli in New York.
    • 2015, “RISSLA Desk organizer, black $12.99”, in Ikea Canada Catalog, retrieved 18 April 2015:
      Helps you to keep your desk clear from small things like pens, rulers, mobile phone and USBs.


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