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Shortened from, “The devil may care, but I do not”.


devil-may-care (comparative more devil-may-care, superlative most devil-may-care)

  1. Carefree, reckless, irresponsible.
    • 1837, Charles Dickens, chapter 49, in The Pickwick Papers:
      Not that this would have worried him much, anyway—he was a mighty free and easy, roving, devil-may-care sort of person.
    • 1910, Jeffery Farnol, chapter 3, in The Broad Highway:
      Now, upon his whole person, from the crown of his unkempt head down to his broken, dusty boots, there yet clung that air of jaunty, devil-may-care rakishness.
    • 2011 May 21, Altin Raxhimi, "The Trouble with Democracy: Albania's Worrisome Vote," Time:
      Tiny Albania emerged from communist dictatorship in 1990 only to tumble into a rough world of gangsters, fraudulent financial machinations and incompetent governance, exacerbated by lawless capitalism and devil-may-care politics.