dimmer switch

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dimmer switch (plural dimmer switches)

  1. A light switch which can adjust the brightness of the switched lamp from dim to bright, as well as turning it on and off.
    • 2011, Trey Parker; Robert Lopez; Matt Stone (lyrics and music), “Turn It Off”, in The Book of Mormon: Original Broadway Cast Recording, track 5:
      Elder Price: "Well, Elder McKinley, I think it's okay that you're having gay thoughts just so long as you never act upon them."
      Elder McKinley: "No, because then you're just keeping it down, like a dimmer switch on low (on low), thinking nobody needs to know (Uh-oh!)"
  2. (rare) A switch that changes the headlamps on a motor vehicle from low to high and from high to low beam; a high-beam switch; a brights switch.