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disconcert +‎ -ing



disconcerting (comparative more disconcerting, superlative most disconcerting)

  1. Tending to cause discomfort, uneasiness or alarm.
    Synonyms: unsettling, troubling, upsetting
    Even with a safety harness, losing one's grip that high up is disconcerting.
    • 1920, Herman Cyril McNeile, chapter 1, in Bulldog Drummond:
      "You must admit," he remarked, "that up to now our conversation has hardly proceeded along conventional lines. I am a complete stranger to you; another man who is a complete stranger to me speaks to you while we're at tea. You inform me that I shall probably have to kill him in the near future. The statement is, I think you will agree, a trifle disconcerting."