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Francisca Maikowsky and Romina Osorio, Chilean DJs and music producers comprising the duo Bitelyus

disc +‎ -o- +‎ -philia.



discophilia (uncountable)

  1. The love of recorded music.
    • 1980, New York, volume 13, New York, N.Y.: New York Magazine Co., ISSN 0028-7369, OCLC 1760010, page 43:
      [C]reated with the help of architects Lee Mindel and Peter Shelton, Bond International Casino (or, simply, Bond's), which opens next month, promises to be the most memorable attempt at discophilia since Studio 54 opened three years ago.
    • 1993, Giveon Cornfield, Note-Perfect: Thirty Years in Classical Music Recordings, Honolulu, Hi.: Chaminade University Press, OCLC 37162468:
      A library ladder stood by the record shelves, and nearby was the gramophone, a quality modern intrument housed in a console. It had louvered doors to control the volume and direction of sound, as in a church organ. I was smitten! I know that it was on that afternoon so long ago that I contracted incurable discophilia.
    • 2007 July, Nabeel Zuberi, “Is This the Future?: Black Music and Technology Discourse”, in Science Fiction Studies, volume 34, number 2, Terre Haute, Ind.: Department of English, Indiana State University, ISSN 0091-7729, OCLC 819186858, page 288:
      That insight extends to other musical forms and styles in the age of recording. One of the pleasures in reading Paul Gilroy, for example, is the revelation of his discophilia.


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