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disgusting (comparative disgustinger or more disgusting, superlative disgustingest or most disgusting)

  1. Causing disgust; repulsive; distasteful.
    Synonyms: distasteful, gro, grody, grotty, repulsive; see also Thesaurus:unpleasant
    • 1836, Michael Ryan, A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence:
      The taste and digestion are often depraved, anorexia, nausea, inappetence and vomiting supervene, the woman desires innutritious or disgusting food, such as chalk, cinders, putrescent animal food, []
    • 1975 December 10, P.J. Bednarski, “Tis the season to be risque in TV spots”, in The Dayton Journal Herald:
      But it is much more sensible and much more fun and much more disgusting to assume that the English Leather woman is really saying "All my men wear English leather or nothing at all.".
    • 2006, C. Lee Thornton, Oath of Office:
      One guy farted repeatedly and laughed out loud each time he let it out. To top off his disgusting behavior, he constantly picked his nose and thumped the waste in the air.




  1. present participle of disgust