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doggerel ‎(not comparable)

  1. (poetry) Of a crude or irregular construction. (Originally applied to humorous verse, but now to verse lacking artistry or meaning.)
    • 1678, John Dryden, "Prologue to Limberham," lines 1-4,
      True wit has seen its best days long ago;
      It ne'er look'd up, since we were dipp'd in show:
      When sense in doggerel rhymes and clouds was lost,
      And dulness flourish'd at the actors' cost.
  2. (poetry) a comic or humorous verse, usually irregular in measure



doggerel ‎(plural doggerels)

  1. A doggerel poem or verse.
    • 1895, Stephen Crane,The Red Badge of Courage, ch. 8,
      As he marched he sang a bit of doggerel in a high and quavering voice:
      "Sing a song 'a vic'try,
      A pocketful 'a bullets,
      Five an' twenty dead men
      Baked in a—pie."



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