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door +‎ hanger


doorhanger (plural doorhangers)

  1. A sign that is cut so that it can be hung from the handle or knob of a door.
    • 1990, Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing Weapons, page 229:
      The law prohibits you from stuffing your materials into mailboxes, but most communities do not legally frown on doorhangers. These low-priced marketing weapons can do a variety of jobs for you: entice people into your store, tempt them into ordering your product, motivate them to call you for more information, []
  2. (computing, graphical user interface) A visual notification that drops down from another element such as a toolbar icon.
    • 2010, "wmarcello", Re: Doorhanger behaviour concerns (in newsgroup
      I can basically do whatever I want in Gmail without that hidden doorhanger icon disappearing. Also, if a user simply uses the post-login page as a launching pad for opening links in new tabs or windows, then the doorhanger still remains in its hidden state.