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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English hanger, haunger, hangere, equivalent to hang +‎ -er.

Pronunciation 1[edit]

Noun 1[edit]

hanger (plural hangers)

  1. One who hangs, or causes to be hanged; a hangman.
  2. A person who attempts suicide by hanging.
    • 2017, Ronald V. Clarke, Suicide: Closing the Exits
      With the jumpers and the drowners, McGee, you don't pick up a pattern. That's because a jumper damned near always makes it the first time, and a drowner is usually almost as successful, about the same rate as hangers.
  3. That by which a thing is suspended.
    1. A strap hung to the girdle, by which a dagger or sword is suspended.
    2. A bridle iron.
    3. A clothes hanger.
  4. That which hangs or is suspended, as a sword worn at the side; especially, in the 18th century, a short, curved sword.
    • 1819, Washington Irving, The Sketch Book, Rip Van Winkle:
      He was a stout old gentleman, with a weather-beaten countenance; he wore a laced doublet, broad belt and hanger, high-crowned hat and feather, red stockings, and high-heeled shoes, with roses in them.
  5. (Britain) A steep, wooded slope.
  6. (baseball, slang) A hanging pitch; a pitch (typically a breaking ball or slider) that is poorly executed hence easy to hit.

Derived terms[edit]

Usage notes[edit]

Not to be confused with hangar (a garage-like building for airplanes).


Etymology 2[edit]

Blend of hunger +‎ anger.


Noun 2[edit]

hanger (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Hunger and anger, especially when the anger is induced by the hunger.
    • 2015, Amanda Salis, “The science behind being "Hangry"”, in CNN "The conversation"[1]:
      The physiology of hanger. The carbohydrates, proteins and fats in everything you eat are digested into simple sugars (such as glucose), amino acids and free fatty acids. These nutrients pass into your bloodstream from where they are distributed to your organs and tissues and used for energy []

Related terms[edit]




From English hanger, from Middle English hanger, haunger, hangere, equivalent to hang +‎ -er.


  • Hyphenation: ha‧nger



  1. a coat hanger; a device used to hang up coats, shirts, etc., a clothes hanger



From hangen +‎ -er


  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: han‧ger


hanger m (plural hangers, diminutive hangertje n)

  1. hanger
  2. jewel that hangs