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double-ended (not comparable)

  1. Having two ends.
    This double-ended arrow appears to point in two directions.
    We created a computer version of the card game using a double-ended queue.
    • 1960 February, A. S. Gillitt, “The operation and maintenance of Belgian main line diesels”, in Trains Illustrated, page 87:
      Now it consists of a large double-ended straight shed, divided across the middle by workshops and offices; one end is concerned solely with steam locomotives and the other with diesel locomotives and railcars.
  2. (rail transport, of a train) Having a locomotive at each end.
  3. (rail transport, of a multiple unit, or diesel or electric locomotive) Having a driving cab at each end.
    • 1961 May, B. A. Haresnape, “Design on the railway: Part Three”, in Trains Illustrated, page 303:
      British locomotives, like most European ones, are double-ended, general purpose machines, intended to be suitable for a variety of duties, and on occasion to work in multiple with each other.
  4. (rail transport, of a train or multiple unit) Having a driver at each end.

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  1. simple past tense and past participle of double-end