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drop kick (plural drop kicks)

  1. (rugby, Australian rules football, American football, Canadian football) A kick made by dropping the ball on the ground and kicking it as it bounces up.
  2. (Australia, slang, derogatory) An insignificant, contemptible or unfashionable person; a loser; used as a general insult.
    • 1989, Morris Gleitzman, Two Weeks with the Queen, published 2010, page 28:
      ‘I asked you to look after her for me, you drop-kick, not poison her.’
    • 2002, Andy Griffiths, Just Disgusting![1], page 102:
      ‘Of course not, you drop kick,’ says Jen. “Ectoplasmic” means “like a ghost”. An ectoplasmic elephant would be invisible. So how could you see one anyway?’
    • 2003, David Metzenthen, Boys of Blood & Bone, unnumbered page:
      [] I′m its godfather. Darce, too, although he doesn′t know it yet, but he will when he gets back, the bludger. Geez, I hope the kid has your brown eyes, Lanse.’
      Andy snorted a laugh. ‘Yeah, you drop-kick. Still, it′s probably gunna need all the friends it can get. So you′re on. Don′t be stingy with the presents.’

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drop kick (third-person singular simple present drop kicks, present participle drop kicking, simple past and past participle drop kicked)

  1. Alternative spelling of drop-kick