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From the verbs dormir (to sleep) (duerme) and velar (to be awake) (vela)


duermevela f (plural duermevelas)

  1. Dozing, drowsiness, the state of being half-asleep, either napping or from exhaustion.
  2. Restless sleep; a period of wakefulness or partial wakefulness between periods of sleep.
    • Estas fábulas ... se las contaba su esposo, que después de muerto volvía a su lado cuando ella estaba en ese periodo que ni estas despierta ni dormida, en esos momentos de duermevela
      "These tales ... were told to her by her husband, who after death returned to her side when she was in that period when she was not asleep nor awake, in those moments of half-sleep"
    • Los sueños y la duermevela también pueden ser puertas de acceso a nuestras memorias.
      "Dreams and half-sleep can also be doors to access our memories."
  3. The vivid sleep when one thinks one is still awake.