dumpster fire

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dumpster fire (plural dumpster fires)

  1. (US, slang) A chaotic, unpleasant, unmanageable thing, situation, or person; a disaster.
    • 2015, Michael Cosgrove, Imperfect Passage: A Sailing Story of Vision, Terror, and Redemption:
      As honeymoons go, this was a total dumpster fire.
    • 2015 Aug. 28, Kevin Trahan, "The University of Illinois is a dumpster fire," insidenu.com (retrieved 27 Oct 2016):
      Illinois football and the entire university are in a state of mayhem. . . . Illinois athletics is a dumpster fire right now.
    • 2016 July 7, Sean Sullivan and Philip Rucker, "Trump, seeking GOP unity, has tense meeting with Senate Republicans," Washington Post (retrieved 27 Oct 2016):
      [W]ith these two candidates, this election remains a dumpster fire.