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Alternative forms[edit]

doopy, or dupie


A Caribbean patois word, of West African origin



duppy ‎(plural duppies)

  1. (Caribbean) A ghost or spirit.


duppy ‎(third-person singular simple present duppies, present participle duppying, simple past and past participle duppied)

  1. (MLE) To kill (to murder and, by extension, to excel).
    • 2008, Kingsley Ogundele, online message quoted in 2010 January 27, Rob Sharp, "CSI: Chatroom", The Independent
      He refers to his intention to kill a schoolgirl pregnant with Jolie's unborn baby – who the pair believe is giving Jolie undue hassle. "I'll get da fiend to duppy her den," he writes.
    • 2011, Kano, guest on Lethal Bizzle, "Pow 2011"
      I duppied every rave.
    • 2011, Alex Wheatle, The Dirty South, Profile Books (ISBN 9781847654816), page 176
      He duppied my bredren and as long as I could remember Paps was telling me not to trust the Feds.

Usage notes[edit]

  • A Duppy is an evil spirit or ghost that is first referenced in Jamaican folktales and later mentioned in those of Barbados. It often appears in the form of a dog barking or howling through the night. Another folktale says that Duppies live in the buttress roots of silk cotton trees. Also used as an insult to White people.