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Borrowed from Russian дура́к (durák).


duraks m (1st declension)

  1. (colloquial) fool, stupid person
    tu nevari izrēķināt, tāpēc ka tu esi duraks, bet es varuyou can't do math, because you're stupid, but I can
    slidām skriet jau var katrs duraks, bet pamēģini tu dziedātany fool can run on skates, but you just try to sing
  2. (colloquial, in the plural) a certain card game
    “cūkas” jeb “duraki” ir kāršu spēle, kuras mērķis ir atbrīvoties no rokās esošajām kārtīm“pigs,” or “fools,” is a card game whose objective it is to get rid of all the cards in one's hands

Usage notes[edit]

Since duraks is a relatively recent and obvious borrowing from Russian, many speakers consider it incorrect and suggest the use of muļķis instead.