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dwarf +‎ -ess


dwarfess (plural dwarfesses)

  1. (fantasy) A female dwarf.
    • 1839, Leopold J. Bernays (translator), Geothe’s Faust, Part II: Translated from the German, Partly in the Metres of the Original and Partly in Prose, with Other Poems, Original and Translated,[1] Sampson Low, page 76,
      Pigmies. [] If a rocky cleft shows itself, the dwarf is once at hand. Dwarf and dwarfess, quick in industry, each pair exemplary.
    • 1990, Tanith Lee, “White As Sin, Now”, in Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (editors), The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Third Annual Collection,[2] St. Martin's Press, 0-312-04450-X, page 328,
      Heracty has been told that the flaxen dwarfess once had an adventure in the mock forest below the Palace.
    • 2004, Randall Wallace, Love and Honor,[3] Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 367,
      She recognized Zepsha’s extraordinary talent for this role; the dwarfess, far from resenting her position in life, [] . For not lamenting her physical shortcomings, Beatrice admired Zepsha; []