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Blend of e- +‎ acquainted


e-quainted (comparative more e-quainted, superlative most e-quainted)

  1. (Internet) Known or knowing exclusively online.
    • 1997 February 22, Kathleen Swanholt, "Correction and LCC", bit.listserv.dorothyl, Usenet,[1]
      People I was thrilled to meet after being e-quainted forever: []
    • 1997 September 12, TJ, "Re: basmati rice", rec.food.cooking, Usenet,[2]
      I'm e-quainted with someone who goes to the VA there and he says he sees Indian groceries when he goes there.
    • 2000, Russell Merris, Graph Theory, Wiley-IEEE, →ISBN, page 195,
      Let’s say two people are e-quainted if, during the past year, they participated together in one or more of the same chat room discussions. Otherwise, call them e-stranged. Then any two people attending the convention’s introductory cocktail party will be either e-quainted or e-stranged.
    • 2004 December 7, Dave Larrington, "Re: Cynical? moi?", uk.rec.sheds, Usenet,[3]
      I am e-quainted with a Catherine who became Cathrin, also for Goff reasons.

Related terms[edit]